We have a team of qualified service technicians standing by to help you with any of your service related needs. From oil changes, tire rotations, brake pads or transmission problems, we've got trained technicians who are able to help.

Please use the buttons below to schedule service at our dealership or contact our Service Department. You can also call us at 866-593-2050.

J. Allen Mazda Special

Air Conditioning Service


Escape the heat…keep your air conditioning system working at its optimum level. • Test system for proper cooling and operation • Inspect hoses and connections for leaks • Clean condenser fins *Additional charges for Freon/refrigerant may apply

J. Allen Mazda Special

Genuine Mazda Battery

High-performance Mazda replacement batteries come with an equally high-performance warranty! Up to 60 months prorated warranty. Battery protection service, additional $15.00.

J. Allen Mazda Special

Front or Rear Brake Special


-Replace front or rear brake pads -Resurface rotors -Inspect brake lines, hoses and master cylinder -Add brake fluid

J. Allen Mazda Special

Synthetic Oil Change


This offer includes: -Replace Synthetic engine oil and Mazda oil filter -Top off vital fluids -Tire Rotation and inspection for wear

J. Allen Mazda Special

We've Got Your Tires,


We have the tires that are designed for your vehicle and have a 2-year Road Hazard warranty at no extra charge. Also, purchase a set of 4 new tires and receive a 4-Wheel Alignment at $69.95.

J. Allen Mazda Special

4-Wheel Alignment

Inspect/adjust caster, camber and toe-in as applicable Inspect suspension and steering linkage Check tire wear Check tire pressure, adjust as necessary Computerized alignment Road test

J. Allen Mazda Special

Genuine Mazda Accessories

15% Off

Don’t forget to take advantage of our professional installation services!

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